NaNoWriMo Winner!

In case you’ve been wondering, my lovely readers, this is where I’ve been:

Writing 50 thousand words in one month!

But now it’s over, so I can post again. 😉


A Review on “The Art of War for Writers”

The Art of War for Writers: Fiction writing strategies, tactics, and exercises by James Scott Bell

This is the best book on writing that I have ever laid my hands on. It’s clear cut and to the point, and unlike other things I have read, only spends a short time on whether you really want to be a writer or not and then goes right to how to become the best writer you can be. It is filled with great advice and encourages rather than scolds. I got it for Christmas and it was the first of my books that I started. I read through it rather quickly, then read back through it more slowly, reading a small bit of it each day to inspire me to write. I’ve finished my second read-through, but I’m sure it won’t be my last, and I still flip it open when I’m stuck and find it very helpful. In fact, that’s what I’m doing today. I’m stuck in my writing and one of Bell’s suggestions is to “write anything;” so that’s what I’m doing. Sometimes I was rather annoyed by the examples he used, as they are almost always from action/adventure stories which didn’t always apply very easily to my own writing but then, that’s the genre he writes. Besides excerpts from other books it’s full of quotes by writers and other famous people, including Sun Tzu, who the book is largely inspired by. The last section of the book (it contains three) is mostly on publishing, and though that doesn’t help me much now, it gave me a better perspective of what’s to come. So two thumbs up for James Scott Bell! I’ll definitely be buying more of his writing books in the future.