Apples To Apples

When I was eating lunch yesterday, I pulled an apple out of the fridge, and noticed that it looked waxed. This seemed odd, as my Mom doesn’t usually buy waxed apples. They’re usually organic. Then, while I was trying to figure out if it really was waxed, I noticed what a pretty color it had. And that it actually had nice proportions. (It seems most of the ones I eat are lopsided. Is it just me?) I looked over at the kitchen table, and saw what a nice sun pattern it had; dappled, not too bright. And then I ran for my camera, and this little apple got it’s own little photo shoot. I now understand why apples are such a favorite among artists. I had such a lot of fun! My brother, who was sitting in the living room, must have thought me bonkers. But I’ve got a secret: All the best people are.

So… there you have it. My beautiful apple. By the way… I never did discover if it was waxed or not.


New Theme!

So who likes my new theme? I think this is the third one for this blog; I get bored quickly. I’ve actually been thinking that the old one was too dark for a while now… and with this one, I can change the header image as much as I like, so maybe I won’t get bored quite so quickly?

I finally did finish Inheritance, so stay tuned for a review!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a painting I did in my pastel and acrylics class yesterday. We’ve been doing pastels all semester  so I was glad to finally use some paint!



They’re oranges, if you can’t tell. When I got it home I decided that at least the background oranges look like half finished flowers. But we were working with pallet knives, so it was very loose. Plus I’ve never used acrylics or pallet knifes before…

Third term is starting off well… I’ll show you all my books soon. I only just got one of them yesterday.

Hope everyone is having a good week! For now, adios, amigos!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Heart Day everyone! I thought this would be an apropo time to share some pictures I took with my awesome new camera of some wilting roses my sisters and I got at a Chick-Fil-A event. I used the black and white and color selective settings when taking these; no outside program involved! (I feel like an advertiser)




OK, so I lied; I had to flip the last one on BeFunky, so while I was at it, I straightened it a bit. I was having trouble with that while I was shooting. It still doesn’t look completely straight…

So, on most blogs when they’re going on about their cameras, they have DSLRs. I, however, am quite happy with my 14x optical zoom CoolPix. It’s way better than anything I’ve ever had before, and I didn’t have to save up my money for two years! Not that I wouldn’t mind having a DSLR, of course… but I might have been a tad overwhelmed with all those buttons? This one has just enough to amaze me without so many as to overwhelm me, lol.

By the way, my sister started her own blog today! It’s all about being homeschooled; check it out.

And my Dad’s had one for a while, though I’ve never provided a link to it; oops! Here it is.

Anyway, I’ll be back to book reviews next week, I promise! In the mean time, I think my About page needs updating… so here’s one last BeFunky edit: (I really can’t stay away form it, can I?)


Meet Our new Kitty!

Meet Marlin, the newest member of our household:

Marlin 1

Isn’t she cute? I’ve been taking all kinds of pictures of her…under table

She tried to eat off our plates while we watched the Superbowl last night. She’s very friendly, except with our other cat, Casey. They’re gradually getting used to each other, but Marlin likes her space, so, there are no pictures of them together yet. She loves to cuddle though, so I’ve got plenty of pictures of that!


I’ve been taking pictures mainly as an excuse to play with my new camera, a Nikon CoolPix L610. It’s awesome. I’ll probably have to dedicate an entire post to all the things it can do.

Anyhow, back to the cat. We had to search what seemed like a million places before we found her, but I think she was well worth the wait. I mean, how can you resist this kitty charm?


I also couldn’t resist using BeFunky photo editor to make things even more exciting.

Well, that’s all folks; have a great week!




Thought I’d do an easy post today; pictures!

This is Gracey, our second cat.

Her eyes aren’t really different colors, it just looks that way. Neither of the cats were wanting to cooperate for pictures today; they wouldn’t stand still.

She likes to drink water out of a little heart-shaped dish on the bathroom counter. It’s like a treat or something to her, because all you have to say is, “Gracey, you want water?” and she’ll jump up there. She also has separation anxiety, and will wander the upstairs hallway meowing. She belongs to my sister Natalie, so that’s who she’s looking for. Sometimes she becomes convinced that Natalie is in my room and so will sit in front of my door and cry REALLY LOUD. Which is really distracting when you’re trying to do school!

Anyway, here’s the other one, Casey.

“The Fluffy Squeaker.” When she was a kitten she was mute. Now she squeaks. And no, we didn’t mean for their names to rhyme. We had Casey first, then Gracey came along with her name pre-installed.

As I mentioned before, they wouldn’t stand still. But at least in this picture you get a nice view of her pretty coat!