Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Heart Day everyone! I thought this would be an apropo time to share some pictures I took with my awesome new camera of some wilting roses my sisters and I got at a Chick-Fil-A event. I used the black and white and color selective settings when taking these; no outside program involved! (I feel like an advertiser)




OK, so I lied; I had to flip the last one on BeFunky, so while I was at it, I straightened it a bit. I was having trouble with that while I was shooting. It still doesn’t look completely straight…

So, on most blogs when they’re going on about their cameras, they have DSLRs. I, however, am quite happy with my 14x optical zoom CoolPix. It’s way better than anything I’ve ever had before, and I didn’t have to save up my money for two years! Not that I wouldn’t mind having a DSLR, of course… but I might have been a tad overwhelmed with all those buttons? This one has just enough to amaze me without so many as to overwhelm me, lol.

By the way, my sister started her own blog today! It’s all about being homeschooled; check it out.

And my Dad’s had one for a while, though I’ve never provided a link to it; oops! Here it is.

Anyway, I’ll be back to book reviews next week, I promise! In the mean time, I think my About page needs updating… so here’s one last BeFunky edit: (I really can’t stay away form it, can I?)