I’ve Moved!

Well, I’m (finally) announcing my official move to Tumblr! My new blog is called ProjectUn, or I Want To Live (ProjectUn is the URL). No, it’s not book reviews; as you might have guessed, I’ve lost interest in that project. So even though my new blog is titled “ProjectUn” which of course means project one, I guess it’s really project two… Anyway, my new blog is more about photography, and Tumblr supports images much much better than WordPress; it’s kind of their specialty. Since I can’t move my archives over, however, this blog won’t be going anywhere. After all, I might find a use for WordPress again one day, and why make a whole new blog when I’ve got this one? So follow me over? For those of you that do, prepare for a bumpy road as I experiment, lol. For those of you don’t, so sorry to say goodbye! Perhaps we’ll meet again. 😉  (also, my more standard, re-blog Tumblr blog can be found here: Heartbeats)

Thanks for following me, and happy reading!


Apples To Apples

When I was eating lunch yesterday, I pulled an apple out of the fridge, and noticed that it looked waxed. This seemed odd, as my Mom doesn’t usually buy waxed apples. They’re usually organic. Then, while I was trying to figure out if it really was waxed, I noticed what a pretty color it had. And that it actually had nice proportions. (It seems most of the ones I eat are lopsided. Is it just me?) I looked over at the kitchen table, and saw what a nice sun pattern it had; dappled, not too bright. And then I ran for my camera, and this little apple got it’s own little photo shoot. I now understand why apples are such a favorite among artists. I had such a lot of fun! My brother, who was sitting in the living room, must have thought me bonkers. But I’ve got a secret: All the best people are.

So… there you have it. My beautiful apple. By the way… I never did discover if it was waxed or not.