It’s Fall!!!

Hey, guess what I’ve been doing all day?


They were delicious (especially when dunked in apple cider). A little more the texture of a muffin than a donut, but oh well. I used, just in case you’re suddenly inspired. ūüėČ

My greatest apologies for my long absence. Reviews are on the way, I promise! But today, donuts were all that mattered.


A Review On “The Invisible Heart”

The Invisible Heart by Russell Roberts

The subtitle of this book puzzled me: ‚ÄúAn Economic Romance‚ÄĚ. Economics and romance, huh? Sounds odd. But it wasn’t, it was wonderful. Things I’d wondered about for a long time, or things I ran across in my other books, finally made sense. To see economic theory take the shape of a man, to have him tell you what he thinks in the form of a conversation with someone who isn’t quite convinced, was amazing. Plus, it was a good story. I could forget I was learning about economics because I was so wrapped up in the story. The romance wasn’t that strong. In fact, for most of the book, Laura thinks Sam is a weirdo. It’s still ends up being very sweet, but it isn’t so much that your highschool-aged son will hate you for making him read it. You can just ask my Mom how much I loved it. It seems like the whole time I was reading it, every conversation turned into me warmly relating what I’d figured out, thanks to Sam. Even though I finished the book over a month ago, parts of it will come back to me when I’m confronted with economics in real life. All I can say is, thanks Roberts!!


My greatest apologies on my long absence. Sometimes a girl’s gotta take a break. I’ve got some awesome news, though…


I’ve graduated! I still have some books to finish up though… only two now. And I realize that I haven’t posted my third term list, so that will be coming shortly.

And if anyone has any advice on how to translate the allegory in¬†Till We Have Faces,¬†I’d appreciate your help! I think I’ll have to look up some reviews or something…

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m not dead. Look for the list next week.

Ciao for now!

New Theme!

So who likes my new theme? I think this is the third one for this blog; I get bored quickly. I’ve actually been thinking that the old one was too dark for a while now… and with this one, I can change the header image as much as I like, so maybe I won’t get bored quite so quickly?

I finally did finish Inheritance, so stay tuned for a review!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a painting I did in my pastel and¬†acrylics¬†class yesterday. We’ve been doing pastels all¬†semester¬† so I was glad to finally use some paint!



They’re oranges, if you can’t tell. When I got it home I¬†decided¬†that at least the background oranges look like half finished flowers. But we were working with pallet knives, so it was very loose. Plus I’ve never used¬†acrylics¬†or pallet knifes before…

Third term is starting off well… I’ll show you all my books soon. I only just got one of them yesterday.

Hope everyone is having a good week! For now, adios, amigos!


Hey everybody, I’m embarking on a challenge: to blog once every week. I know, even once a month would be an accomplishment for me, but I decided to shoot high. I¬†actually¬†planned on starting this last week but then I got sick. Not a good note to start on. This will probably mean a lot more picture posts, as they’re easy, but hopefully it will mean a lot more reviews as well. Plus I’m expanding this blog’s horizons: you may have read on my “About” page that I only publish good book reviews on here because I only wanted it to be “precious” spices, not cheap ones. I have¬†decided,¬†though, that I should be warning you away from the cheap ones as well as pointing out the precious ones, so from now on, bad book reviews will not be limited to my Amazon account (which no one probably ever takes the time to visit anyway). So, here’s to my new¬†resolution! (even though it’s not New Year’s) ūüôā